Poem – Uniform

new testament


Every morning we were commanded
by the clang of a brass-bell to fall in line,
they taught us that one early,

stand in silence, stand in order,
order dictated by our surnames;
the discipline of small soldiers.

Once accounted for we marched
inside to join assembly. We started our day
with the Lord’s prayer, sang his praise in a drone.

On Fridays, before they let us loose,
we wrote messages to God on paper leaves
and glued them to the ‘Here I Am’ tree

on our way out we’d read them aloud, like a prayer,
and sign them with our Catholic names
but we never learned to who those names belonged.

Sean Broadhurst

This was the first poem I ever sent out into the world. I’ve since edited it but thanks to I am Not a Silent Poet, for publishing the original version.

Check them out at https://iamnotasilentpoet.wordpress.com/

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