Poem – Haiku



I measure the road
in distance you won’t travel.
This journey, still ours.

‘Friday’, was innocent
until I heard Mum’s boyfriend
use it for Mwenda.

The girl from Yorkshire
the way she said ‘puppeteer’
like the cries of baby dogs.

(2 year old god-daughter on The Lion King)
Daddy lion fell down.
Bad lion wouldn’t hold his hand.
It was sad, I cried.

Independent thought
to us, like water to clay
keeps us re-workable.

Strictly speaking these aren’t all Haiku, but proper Haiku are written as a celebration of nature,or the seasons, if they don’t do that then they’re not really Haiku anyway…

below I’ve included an earlier draft of one of these pieces, I think the version I chose as better, although it deviates from the 5-7-5 syllable rule, and what the hell, Dickens wrote Haiku differently if it was good enough for him, who am I to disagree?

Independent thought 
like water to clay it makes 
us re-workable

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