Poem: Folie à Deux

Folie à Deux

It was our place. Our secret world hidden in the trees.
A world of dreams, where time seemed to stop for us
where we could hide from judging eyes and feel free.
We watched the real-world ripple on the breeze
like it was another dimension drifting in and out of focus
on waves of green. We kissed under the canopy
made love all summer under shimmering heavens
until the leaves crinkled, fell and left the trees bare
until the sky was unzipped by a skein of geese.
The end was abrupt, as though the world was getting even
but the changing of the season wasn’t our saboteur
I was the only one dreaming, and I had love on lease.
You said you didn’t mean to be unkind, and I’d like to believe,
but now I know better, you always meant to leave.

First published in Issue 9 of ‘Under the Fable’ magazine.

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